Project Management

Project Management

Experience has taught PioneerTech that managing projects both large and small demands simultaneous orchestration of many project elements to foster efficient and responsive services.

PioneerTech developed our trademark project management process MU2R™, based on CMMI and repeatable best practices that govern project elements such as quality, cost, schedule, transition, staffing, and development. This process was created as a set of activities that creates a value chain for our customers that is directly associated with the requirements or objectives of a project’s goals.


By using our proven MU2R™ project management process PioneerTech is able to ensure the coordination of all facets of a project and effectively govern project elements such as:

  • Requirements Gathering and Analysis
  • Architecture/Design
  • Implementation
  • System Integration
  • Testing
  • Operations and Maintenance

MU2R embodies the values and principles of PioneerTech and provides a structured process for all our staff to follow and use for all project management activities, it represents:

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Our systems dramatically cut your maintenance and operations costs because they are created in a way that is easy to maintain.


The systems architecture and coding standards that we deploy are easy to understand, manipulate, and operate, thereby, reducing your overall system lifecycle costs.


The systems we create are easy to use, so your users will be as enthusiastic about their work as you are about them using it. The added efficiency of enthusiastic workers at full deployment reduces your overall costs of conducting business.


Our programmatic modules are made to be consistent and flexible so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Therefore, adding system components will be cost effective, because reusable code already exists.