PioneerTech implements DevOps (development and operations) as an enterprise software development methodology to create an agile relationship between development and IT operations. Our goal is to advocate better communication and collaboration thereby delivering  more efficient services by working across an entire application lifecycle, from development to testing to deployment to operations as a single function.

As part of our DevOps approach we also use the DevSecOps framework to ensure security is being built into a design. This allows security teams to measure security risks and vulnerabilities early on, before they are passed on to the next stage of production.

By integrating DevOps/DevSecOps paradigms we have given our customers the following benefits:

  • Greater speed and agility
  • Improved quality assurance
  • Rapid delivery
  • More time to focus on improving business
  • Early detection and correction of software anomalies
  • Enhanced management insight into process and product risk
  • Improved software development and maintenance processes
  • Improved Integration
  • Improved system security