PioneerTech helps you expand the possibilities for your business

We believe that information technology should support strategic business initiatives – not the other way around.  By taking a strategic approach to information technology, PioneerTech helps you move your business to the next level with these services.

Today’s Ideas, Tomorrow’s Solutions

PioneerTech is a proven IT solutions provider with over a decade of performance,
specializing in state of the art end-to-end solutions in support of our client’s critical business needs.

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Gene Walters

“Our management team’s success in providing quality services and solutions on time and within budget is enhanced by the use of our mature MU2R Program Management Methodology.”

Gene Walters / PioneerTech President and CEO

Siamak Khodaei

“Our outstanding past performance references are indicative of our management methodology, mature staffing process, financial strength, and technical expertise.”

Siamak Khodaei / PioneerTech Vice-President

Our core values are centered around our customers, staff and country.

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