United States Army // Automated Installation Entry (AIE-2)

United States Army  // Automated Installation Entry (AIE-2)

PioneerTech supported the development of a security system for the United States Army that transformed installation entry operations. Post-deployment our operations and maintenance (O&M) services included:

  • Application troubleshooting: Performed advanced troubleshooting on hardware to maintain the operability of switches and routers and communicated resulted findings to the on-site support team for further troubleshooting and replacement of malfunctioning equipment.
  • User support: Email support and mobile computing configuration.
  • System patches and repairs: Bug fixes, patches and application repairs.
  • Video support: Performed in place upgrades on Network Video Recording servers. Configures all video recording incidents, parameters and storage locations. Verified network video was being transmitted across network and troubleshoots issues where found.
  • Security: Performs IA compliance checks and implementation on all on-site servers while maintaining functionality.