District of Columbia Public Defenders Services (PDS) // Atticus Case Management System

District of Columbia Public Defenders Services (PDS)  // Atticus Case Management System

PioneerTech was contracted by PDS to review and redesign their case management system, Attitcus. PDS designed and developed Atticus to track and report on a wide range of client related information within and across PDS divisions. After conducting a full application rationalization, PioneerTech determined Atticus needed to undergo a major upgrade to meet PDS’ changing business needs. PioneerTech developed a modernized system that effectively helped users manage and track critical case-related information. As part of our application rationalization process we conducted the project in three phases.

In Phase I, System and Requirements Analysis, PioneerTech conducted a full application rationalization and documented the As-Is state of Atticus. By doing this we were able to determine that because of the complexity of the PDS business process, the best approach for PDS would be to migrate and enhance their existing system rather than purchasing a COTS package.

In Phase II, Redesign and Enhancement, PioneerTech migrated the existing system from VB6 to VB.Net as well as performed the optimization of the code base to take advantage of the facilities offered by .Net platform. In this phase we also produced requirements and design documents for the eventual redesign and re-engineering phase.

In Phase III, System Development and Implementation, PioneerTech developed the new application and implemented the system based on the advanced .Net technology such as Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) which provided the client with an application employing Microsoft Office look and feel.